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2nd & LOMA

211 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 655-0124
"Surrealism Faces and Abstract Expressionism" by Denise Palestini Pino

The show consists of paintings of abstract faces and colorful abstract designs to go with each face canvas. Denise Palestini Pino is a self-taught artist who loves color and experimenting with different styles. Live Music, Refreshments and Stella & Dot clothing, jewelry and handbags.

The Angelus House

417 West 5th St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (347) 963-2208
Martha Ann Szczerba, Dennis Skirviri, Anthea Piscarik, Helen Fuhrmann
Mazu Print by Helen Fuhrmann

The Angelus House -- Art Gallery -- is a junction of Sacred Art with the emphasis "Mary the Mother Around the World." Of special mention among the contributing Artists from the local community, are the works of award winning Artist Martha Ann Szczerba's "Saintly Inspirations," Dennis Skirvin's novelette "Jubal's Christmas Gift," Anthea Piscarik's novelette, "Unearthing Christmas," Mark Blaschke's sacred piano performances, Helen Fuhrmann's "Mazu" prints, and Mrs. Arthur's "Butter Cookies." There are locally made greetings cards and mass cards, posters, and wood block prints. We welcome donations of work from all mixed media--and from Artists of all ages-- to compete for juried entry into our Shows. All sales benefit Br. Ronald Giannone, Ministry of Caring, Inc. for revitalization of the Cathedral Community neighborhood. All are welcome.


205 North Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 433-6622
Pankakes After Dark by Bryce & Demitrius Bullock

Father and son Super Heros Daddy Long Legs and rhe Inch Worm a team up to create a new adult comic book. Come out to the launch of Pankake After Dark. The will be copies of the 3rd edition of Daddy Long Legs and the Inch Worm for the kiddies as well. Bryce Bullock is an 11-year-old Comic Book Creator who works side by side with his father Demitrius Bullock and illustrator at Motions Illustrations from Delaware. Music and light refreshments.

Christina Cultural Arts Center

705-707 North Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 429-0101
Anywhere Is Here by Tracy Landmann

Tracey Landmann paints not only what she sees, but all she perceives. The sights, smells, sounds, indeed the overall ambiance of landscapes vary according to their physical and cultural placement in the world. Different regions take on different lives; no life is truly still. Tracey's goal is to relate the world's diverse animation through the colorful vocabulary of oil paint. Reception from 5:30- 7:30pm on Friday, September 6th.

City of Wilmington - Louis L. Redding Gallery

800 N. French St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 576-2100
Seonglan Kim Boyce

This exhibition features minimalist abstract paintings by The Delaware Contemporary studio artist.


1902 Superfine Ln. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 428-0222
“Through This Land We Roam” by Jason Jellick

Jason Jellick (b.1980) is a Wilmington, Delaware based photographer who creates images in both black-and-white and color. The images selected for “Through This Land We Roam” capture the whimsical views of the land we live in by a passing-by witness. Artless and episodic, the images suggest a meandering narrative from birth to death. Opening reception on Friday, September 6th from 5:30 - 8:30. Refreshments.

On exhibit September 6th through November 30th

The Creative Vision Factory

617 North Shipley St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 543-3082
Geraldo Gonzalez and Ken Segal

The month of September its Geraldo's 15-year anniversary as artist. Geraldo presents his subject matter truthfully. He uses a new visual source that make the images vivid and colorful with the look of a photograph. This visual source was created for people with a desire to produce representations which look objectively real. (It's only matter of time it is used from Photography image). Brand new realism and other artwork will be displayed. Ken Segal will present his new artwork as well in a group art exhibition. Come and support the artist at The Creative Vision Factory on Friday, September 6 from 6- 9pm.

Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery at Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD)

600 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 622-8000
From the Studio: DCAD Faculty and Staff Exhibition
The Hunter by the People of the Amazon

Join us for the opening of the 2019 Graduating Student Exhibition whichh features recent works by the instructors and administrators of Delaware College of Art and Design.


111 West 10th St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 448-0903
James Wyatt

James Wyatt is a painter, sculptor, and mural artist based in Wilmington, DE-highly recognized for his 3D medium manipulation technique. He received an Associate of Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2002. For over 15 years as a visual artist, James has contributed to his community with multiple projects to stimulate the appreciation for local art. Aside from being an art instructor and freelance graphic designer, he’s had the opportunity to exhibit in New York, Miami, Philadelphia, D.C., and Los Angeles galleries. Today, his artwork can be seen in the art book for the Academy Award winning movie “Get Out”, mural and installation projects throughout The City of Wilmington, DE, within The Sold Firm Gallery, DETV, Eat Clean Juice Bar, and VTrap Kitchen.

Delaware Division of the Arts—Mezzanine Gallery

820 N. French St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 577-8278
Human Connection, Olga Nielsen

Human Connection, Olga Nielsen, The Delaware Division of the Arts is please to present a selection of new figurative work, by sculptor Olga Nielsen.

Delaware History Museum

504 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 655-7161
Delaware Photography

Local photographers showcase the "familiar" as they capture the people, places, landscapes and nature of Delaware and the tri-state area. Whether clear or distorted, come see how many of their images you can recognize!

Gallery 919 Market

919 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 824-9607
"Make a Face" by Paul M Simon, PhD

The show "Make a Face" displays a continuing fascination with larger-than-life portraiture, strongly inspired by faces of elderly subjects in foreign refugees that Simon and counters and his volunteer activities. Includes new subjects encountered in his travels and elsewhere and explores new directions including the human figure and provocative thematic juxtapositions. Soft pastels provide and expressive medium that can be enhanced by using dark cute papers, allowing the brilliance of the pure pigments found in pastels to stand out as the dark substratum peeks through. A disciplined approach and avoidance of overworked is required to protect the freshness of the medium.

After retiring from a 33-year career in biopharmaceutical research, Dr. Simon took up volunteering by assisting elderly or impaired non-driving individuals to remain Independent by driving them two appointments, shopping, etc and also with recently arrived refugees. He was inspired to take up more seriously what had been an occasional hobby, drawing and painting in general and portraits in particular.

medium and technique.

The Grand Opera House

818 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801
The Grand: Salvage by JaQuanne LeRoy

Grand lobby: “Salvage” features acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media paintings and digital artwork that reflect emotions (joy, sorrow, etc,) and the testimony of triumph. A double entendre: The work expresses the idea that past hurt is not garbage and our human experience is salvageable despite our mistakes and shortcomings. The digital artwork is composed with previous artworks and notes from sketchbooks.

LaFate Gallery

227 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 656-6786
Global Youth Mural Exhibition- One People, One World
One People One World

For the 4th year, People to People Delaware Chapter, has collaborated with LaFate Gallery, to create and Exbibit Murals, portraying Global PEACE. This year's Theme is "ONE PEOPLE, ONE WORLD." Two Murals were created by students from the Claymont Delaware, Boys & Girls Clubs and will be displayed with Murals from across the Globe. The Exhibition will be at LaFate Gallery, in Wilmington.

MKT Place Gallery

200 W. 9th St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 438-6545
"Arte Realista" by Ampara Rivera
Nora Lee's in Historic New Castle by Amparo Rivera

Delaware resident and Puerto Rican born artist Ampara Rivera enjoys capturing realistic local scenes of places she loves, and where she has traveled. Watercolor is her master medium. Says Rivera of her work: It is the immediacy of the paint and the way the pigment responds on your substrate to your personal emotional response to your subject. There can be no hesitancy while you are painting so you must decide where you will place each brushstroke of color and then let it do its magic. Certain colors do things with other colors allowing many things to form on both dry and wet surfaces that you just can't explain. It is only after a great number of years that you start to begin to understand many of its fine qualities as it hits the paper and bounces back through the pigment giving the ability it beautifies while unleashing the joy of the brushwork, color, and emotion landing the visual empowerment to one’s eye!

The Delaware Contemporary

200 South Madison St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 656-6466
Margo Allman, Dan Jackson, Ken Mabrey


Margo Allman, a distinguished regional artist for over 60 years in painting, drawing, and sculpture, doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In her first solo exhibition at The Delaware Contemporary, Allman searches for meaning from the vantage point of a seat on a New York City subway. Unlike the experience of a Denzel Washington thriller, Allman found her own "thrill" during frequent subway treks in the city that never sleeps. Embodying the belief that even the mundane elements of everyday life serve as stimulus for the imagination, Allman's innate tunnel vision explores the heads of other commuters in transit.

Primal Images: Journey from a Subway Seat presents 15 small and large-scale monochromatic acrylic paintings on paper and Tyvek, the virtually indestructible high-density polyethylene fiber sheets made by DuPont. "Not paper. Not fabric." This exhibition examines Allman's evolution as an artist. The head series diverges from the emotionally restrained geometrics of her emblematic egg-shape series to reveal ambitious, metaphysical paintings dating back to the 1980s. While her embryonic "ovoids" persist in subtle form, Allman sees her head series primordially as "heroic-sized visages or universal archetypes, both primitive and androgynous."

MATERIAL WORLD, studio artist exhibition Dan Jackson and Ken Mabrey

Daniel Jackson: In this new body of work, photographic still-lifes play with “impossible" compositions. Images feature temporary sculptures constructed in the studio that defy gravity and take on a surreal dimension, blurring the distinction between photography and computer-generated imagery.

Ken Mabrey: Ken Mabrey’s linear, expressive brushwork recalls the work of Reginald Marsh and Peter Paul Rubens with fantastical and voluptuous figures. His playful sketches, referred to as “mark-makings,” contain vast color range.

  • 4th annual #UnleashWithIN IN Wilmington Photo Challenge finalist exhibition. Stop in and vote for the winner!
  • 5 - 8 | The Art Cart
  • 5:30 - 6:30 | “Trash Talk” face-off with Jim Condron and John Singletary, mixing humor and artistic license.
  • 6 - 8 | SABA Art-Making: Assemblage

The 3rd Place Gallery

1139 West 7th St., Unit C Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 559-0401
Terranceism by Terrance Vann

Terrance describes his work as neo-Afro surrealism infused with contemporary street culture. He is a Wilmington artist who has sketching his whole life. In high school he started focusing his energy on art. In 2017 he received a Delaware Individual Art Fellowship. He was named an emerging fellow in the visual arts for painting.

Bike Lane Café

1139A West 7th St. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 425-4900
2nd Annual Diamond State Merry Pranksters Event- Smile Drive Art

Robin Glandin will be reading poetry and the drawings of the smile drive will be on exhibit. Live music will be happening in the adjoining cave. The Diamond State Merry Pranksters are connected to the original west coast counter culture group continuing the work of author Ken Kesey.

Blue Streak Gallery

1721 Delaware Ave. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 429-0506
"But she was the voyeur" by Adam Smith, Furniture and Paintings

Come explore the comforting paintings and furniture of Adam Smith in his solo exhibition..."but she's the voyeur."

Cab Calloway School of the Arts

100 North Dupont St. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 651-2700
2019 Individual Artist Fellows from the Delaware Division of the Arts

Award Winners is a group show featuring artwork by the 2019 Individual Artist Fellows from the Delaware Division of the Arts. The show was organized by the Biggs Museum of American Art. On view is the work of visual artists in disciplines ranging from painting, works on paper, sculpture, photography, and jewelry. Also represented in the show is the work of musicians, composers, and writers. Visitors can listen to music and watch videos of literary artists reading their poetry, fiction, and creating nonfiction.

Delaware Center for Horticulture

1810 North Dupont St. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 658-6262
The Small Wide-Open by Caroline Coolidge Brown plus the Delaware African Violet and Gesneriad Society Plant Sale and Show

Caroline Coolidge Brown presents quirky birds, colorful koi, roadside plants, and farmer’s market favorites, all inspired by her new home and garden in Wilmington, Delaware. Caroline teaches printmaking at the Delaware Art Museum and has a studio at the Delaware Contemporary. You can view her artwork online at “There is such an amazing variety of natural subject matter right here in my neighborhood, near DCH and Brandywine Park,” says the artist. “By working small, I can explore new things each day and incorporate multiple techniques.” Light refreshments provided at Art Loop.

We will also be hosting the lovely Delaware African Violet and Gesneriad Society Plant Sale and Show on Friday, September 6th and Saturday, September 7th. The Gesneriad family includes African violets, columnesa (goldfish plants), streptocarpus (Cape primrose), and many other beautiful plants that will bloom in your home with very little care. This judged show and sale will feature rare specimens, and members of the Delaware African Violet & Gesneriad Society will be on hand to answer your questions and provide growing tips.

Delaware Offices

829 North Union St. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 295-1214
Maddalena Personti

Maddalena Personti attributes her sometimes-angular painting style to the strong influence of Cézanne. She specializes in both watercolors and oil painting with a palette knife.

Maddalena has studied watercolors with several teachers in Chestertown, Maryland. She is also a member of the Chestertown Art League, where she has exhibited and won many awards for both oil and watercolor paintings. Maddalena has studied with Wilmington artists, Edward Loper and Marilyn Bauman. She spent many years teaching art to senior citizens at The Lorelton in Wilmington.

Howard Pyle Studio

1305 N. Franklin St. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 656-7304
"Cherokee Purples" by Amy Stewart

“Cherokee Purples” an oil painting by Amy Stewart is part of the exhibit presented by the artists of the Howard Pyle Studio. Exhibit on display until September 30, 2019. To schedule a private tour of the Studios, where Howard Pyle pate, wrote, and taught from 1881-1911, call 302-656-7397.

Milk & Honey Café & Gallery

807 North Union St. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 635-4201
"Art That Feeds the Soul" featuring Davido O. Hamilton & Monea Nicole Bailey

North Wilmington Library

3400 North Market St. Wilmington, DE 19802 (302) 555-1212
Funkyartbywanda by Wanda Campbell

Artist Wanda Campbell creates abstract art in acrylics, focusing in the strange and weird. She loves making paintings that are thought provoking. Wanda has been drawing since elementary school and started painting in 2000. She fell in love with color, and her subjects include things that she has experienced or witnessed; then interpreted onto canvas. We will have Jazz playing, wine, cheese, crackers and other snacks. I will also be selling T-shirts and tote bags.

Piccolina Toscana

1412 North Dupont St. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 429-0506
Next Level 2019 by Elissa Davis

Elissa Shanley Davis is a Fine Arts oil painter who has completed a series of oil paintings exploring the magic of an imaginative solar system.

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church

1301 North Broom St. Wilmington, DE 19805 (302) 652-7623
The Flow by Harold E. Howell

Artist Statement: There are those who would say, the study of nature is passé. I disagree. To me it seems as if it were never more relevant in this age of virtual reality and detachment from the physical world. My aim is not to copy what I see but to interpret, to follow my intuition, all of my senses and allow nature to flow through me. Nature is speaking, the universe is speaking, and we need to listen if we are ever to find our true place and the true meaning of our existence. Light refreshments.

The Lounge @ Carl Doubet Jewelers

2900 Concord Pike Suite B Wilmington, DE 19803 (302) 888-2991
Amanda Chapman, John Holton

Join us on Friday, September 6th to enjoy woodwork by Amanda Chapman and paintings by John Holton. Light refreshments.

Claymont Community Center

3301 Green St. Claymont, DE 19703 (302) 792-2757
Rising Star Art Show, Ralph Marley & Empowered Youth Students

Ralph Marley, young self-taught artist from Wilmington Is learning to love, live, and inspire others to become their greatest selves. Empowered Youth campers who are striving to be happy, healthy, and whole through ART. Live performances!

COCA Pop-Up Gallery

3829 Kennett Pike, Powder Mill Square Greenville, DE 19807 (302) 218-4411
Artwork by Kathy Ruck, Marty Barnes, Jill Haas

An art exhibit featuring regional artists with a wide range of styles from traditional to abstract. New paintings always arriving! Light refreshments provided.

Rodney Pratt Framing & Gallery

304 Delaware St. New Castle, DE 19720 web address (302) 438-6545
"The Essence of Fine Art" Carol Mangano. Reception August 23rd, 5- 9.

Carol D. Mangano received her Bachelor of Science degree from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. She has done graduate work from Tyler School of Art (Temple University) and University of Delaware. She has received her Master’s degree in Secondary Education from Towson University. She was born in Philadelphia and raised in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Carol has been a teacher for elementary through graduate school. She is currently retired but still teaches privately in Cecil County, Maryland. In November 2012, she received an award as an Outstanding Art Educator.

Artist Statement: An artist's journey begins while sifting through a treasure chest. The golden coins and jewels of the unknown capture the imagination. Sparking new interests, the treasures symbolize a world of exploration and potential rewards. Plein air painting has replaced lesson plans, as the artist follows the schedule of impressionistic / expressive styles of painting in oil and acrylics. Lovely weather or stormy warnings allow for the changing of the color palette. It's like a continuous summer vacation, engaging in a series of painting, discussing art with the curious bystanders and having school children become serious painters when adding a few strokes to an extra canvas.

Station Gallery

3999 Kennett Pike Greenville, DE 19805 (302) 654-8638
The works of 18 members of the National League for American Pen Women

2019 Diamond State Branch Biennial Art Show, National League of American Pen Women. The National League of American Pen Women is the oldest National organization for women in the arts. The Station Gallery is hosting their Biennial Art Show featuring work by eighteen members.

The artists are: Nita Balderston, Anna Biggs, Linda Campbell, Iris Dowling, Cyndy Falcoff, Michele M. Foster, Trina Gardner, Betsy Greer, Mary Lou Griffin, Carol Hixon, Geri Huxsoll, Maria Keane, Karen Kuhrt, Sandy Mallett, Linda Patton, Shirley Rigby, Barbara Selby, Evelyn Swensson and Mary Tanne.