October on the Loop presented by:


2nd & LOMA
211 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Stephanie Silverman
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Stephanie Silverman's Wilmington Flower Market Art Loop. Though her paintings range in style, each piece explores her endless interest in the intersection of color and light. Whether created en plein air (outdoors) or in her home studio, each work of art is an attempt to capture fleeting moments in time and the expressive qualities of the subject.
Academy for Peace
203 N. Market St
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Sandra Bucay
Exhibit: What Does Peace Look Like to You?
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Various youth all ages. Children from all over the city participated in Safe City Summer Fest Unity Day art contest. Art was encouraged and supervised by Folk Artist Eunice LaFate and sponsored by Dr. Jay Macklin, as a part of their anti-violence promotion program... Art as Prevention.
Chris White Gallery
701 Shipley St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Josh Chance
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These pieces are the fragmented and entangled depictions of a purely imagined world that I choose to explore as my preferred method of escapism.
Christina Cultural Arts Center
705 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Stephen Kingsberry
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Artist Stephen Kingsberry presents his exhibit "Burden of Palestine," in the Edward Loper Sr. Gallery. His exhibit is inspired by a 2017 visit to Palestine with the Leadership Program of Dar al Kalima University for Arts and Culture. Kingsberry was moved by the oppression of the Palestinian people and wanted to express the emotions that consumed him on the trip. A Gallery Talk will be led by Mike Abel of Delawareans for Palestinian Human Rights that evening at 7:00pm. "The exhibit seeks to inform people about the struggles of the Palestinians living under occupation," Kingsberry said. "I want to express what I have witnessed through the lens of art while helping to promote peace."
Creative District Wilmington: Rock Lot
305 W. 8th St.
Wilmington, DE
Artists: LTD Edition Art Expo
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Bringing together local artists and creators, Creative District Wilmington presents LTD Edition Art Expo. Come vibe with us at The Rock Lot and meet some of the creative minds in the local art scene. Artwork will be available for sale. Support the work of these talented artists and get access to them in this intimate setting. Featured Artists: 4Youth Productions •Andre Reyneard • Danny Martinez • Dominique Pizzo • Fancy Plants • Monica Lopez • Sadiddy Hippie • Smashed Label • Yakime Akelá Brown • More to be announced!
Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery at DCAD
600 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Henry Bermudez
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3Dimensional Black and White Drawings - Henry Bermudez’s interest in the visual representations of cultures and mythologies have appeared in his work in varying forms during his career. A journey of unique geographical, artistic and human observation has taken him from educational experiences in small isolated communities in the Caribbean up to representing Venezuela in the Venice Biennial. His artistic work transcends timeline and national boundaries. In the Venezuelan coastal Afro-Caribbean community of Borbures, religious and social syncretism provided a unique vision of the African Diaspora in the Americas with its symbolism and iconography. These were his first impacts in the process of breaking from the formalities of mainstream styles learned in school. With these early experiences came the desire for new forms of expression. Mr. Bermudez attended the National Schools of Art in Venezuela and was awarded a scholarship to the National School of Art ""La Esmeralda"" in Mexico City. He also studied at New York City’s Art Student’s League, as well as in Rome. He was selected to be the Venezuelan representative for the 1986 Venice Biennale. His work has been included in many exhibition catalogs such as the X International Print and Drawing Exhibition of China as well as in books on the subject of Venezuelan art. Since his arrival in the USA in 2003, he has been commissioned by the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia on several major projects. In 2011, he was one of a handful of artists chosen to work with the Philagrafika print collaborative founded by artistic director and curator Jose Roca. In 2012 Mr. Bermudez received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. He was elected to present an installation at The Philadelphia International Airport Art program in 2014. Currently he is the recipient of a Peter Benoliel Fellowship from CFEVA in Philadelphia, PA. Henry Bermudez currently teaches art at the Career Academy Developing Institute (CADI) and at Fleisher Art Memorial. He is co-director of HouseGallery1816 in Fishtown and maintains an active studio and exhibition schedule.
Grace United Methodist Church
900 N. Washington St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Chris Tijierino
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Delaware Waterways: A Study of the First State’s Diverse Bodies of Water - Chris Tijierino was born in Managua, Nicaragua and immigrated to the US with his parents as a child. A Delawarian since 1996, his passion for photography stemmed from the many different places and faces which he encountered as a refugee. After 4 years as studio photographer, Chris started to feel an urge to grow professionally. In February 2010 he established Christopher Tijerino Photography which proudly serve clients Delaware, the greater Philadelphia area, and parts of Southern New Jersey. - Donations and proceeds of sales from this show will go to El Porvenir, an organization that provides access to clean water, sanitation and reforestation for rural Nicaraguans.
There will also be free dancing lesson in salsa, merengue, and more with Pastor Edwin at 6:30 as well as church tours.
The Grand Opera House
818 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Todd Breitling
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Originally from Wayne, PA, now residing in Wilmington, Todd is a self taught painter. Most of his works are what have been termed ""Organic Abstraction."" These works are a study in lines and the space they reside in with regard to contrasting colors and the dimensions they create. Todd's intention is to create a spontaneous visual journey for the eye. He is inspired to invoke the beauty and emotion of color in his work, acknowledging that the viewer's experience creates their own interpretation of the meaning. Using oil, acrylic, ink ,enamel, wax, epoxy resin and mixed media in his paintings, his creative process is to explore emotional reactions to the combinations of colors and textures he layers on the canvas. Todd creates detailed and intricate patterns within his paintings using a variety of painting knives and brushes. He also utilizes nontraditional techniques of painting with unusual tools such as syringes, pins, q-tips, toothbrushes and spatulas to create different textures, patterns and layers. Instead of philosophical interpretation, Todd wants the viewer's eye to be saturated with the freedom to roam the canvas. He likens the experience to listening to jazz, a free flowing expression, that allows the colors and textures to elicit an emotional response. The manifestation of each painting is spontaneous and he is never quite sure how the painting will turn out as he believes being free from preset visualization of the piece releases the creative flow. His spontaneous mixture of patterns and lines is a metaphor for life and how we are never sure what is coming next; a reminder to trust and enjoy the journey. Todd likes to use dark backgrounds that create a feeling of being surrounded by darkness and the unknown where the colors lead the viewer into a new light of potential discovery. Many of his works also include mixed media such as shards of glass, pebbles, watches, wood, fabrics, coins, gravestone rubbings, tiles, flowers, molding paste, and various found objects such as jewelry, metal and wire. Combined with his unique style using oil, acrylics, resin, enamels and various oil mediums, in addition to his fine art photography, Todd has created an original body of work. This wide range of influences serves to broaden his creative palette where he truly has no boundaries to limit his burgeoning portfolio.
LaFate Gallery
227 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Eunice LaFate
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Award-winning Folk Artist Eunice LaFate, captures Fall Beauty with local and out of State Landscapes rendered in vibrant acrylic colors. LaFate's has chosen miniture canvases to render her paintings in recent years, conscious of limited wallspace of some patrons.
LOMA Coffee
239 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Janice Payne King
Mezzanine Gallery
820 N. French St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Charles Allan Guerin
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In the Studio, an exhibition of drawings by Charles Allan Guerin, will be on view in the Mezzanine Gallery from October 5-26, 2018. Guerin received a 2018 Honorable Mention from the Delaware Division of the Arts for his works on paper. The artist will host a free opening reception on Friday, October 5 from 5-7 p.m. Guerin's current drawings are pure trompe-l'oeil, a slight-of-hand mixture of the real with the illustrated; two dimensional perspective with three dimensional illusion. They are still life drawings that capture the process of drawing, mixing the subject with the resulting drawings, but in a setting typical of the daily work environment of the studio. In these works, the viewer loses sight of the reality of what is depicted as the subject often becomes confused with content and process. This creative activity is not unlike the author of a novel whose characters become alive in the authors mind and literally speak their dialogue to the author as he/she writes the scene. For Guerin, his process is the subject, capturing chance compositions and dynamic tension between multiple levels of perceived reality. The Mezzanine Gallery, open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., is located on the second floor of the Carvel State Office Building, 820 N. French Street, Wilmington.
The Creative Vision Factory
617 North Shipley St.
Wilmington, DE
Artists: Geraldo Gonzalez & Nathan Smith
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This exhibition depicts the work of Geraldo Gonzalez and Nathan Paul Smith, Geraldo is showing his work of mostly primary and secondary color design within the City skyline and realistic artwork in 3D. Nathan showing his work as of "Art of Nathan Paul Smith." Come see Geraldo and Nathan’s work along with many others from the Creative Vision Factory community. These works will be on view through October 26. For More details about the two men art exhibition. visit at https://thekingoftransit.wordpress.com/
The Music School of Delaware
4101 Washington St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Sara F. Gallagher
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Sara is an award-winning artist whose paintings come from her imagination and from direct observation of rural scenery and local gardens. She works in watercolor primarily, but also in acrylics and oils. She moves freely between traditional and nontraditional techniques, and uses both paper and watercolor canvas as supports for her artwork. Sara’s most recent endeavors incorporate watercolor pouring techniques that she has developed that result in artwork that is whimsical in its overall appearance. She is excited by the creative freedom and choices it presents to her as she explores the compositional development of each painting. Sara was the lead artist for the six murals on the wall of the Salvation Army Building in Milford that depict historical scenes from Milford’s past. She is a Founder of the Mispillion Art League and has served as Vice President, President, Past President and now as Public Art Chairman on the Mispillion Art League Board of Directors. Sara is also a member of Rehoboth Art League and the Delaware Watercolor Society.


The Delaware Contemporary
200 South Madison St.
Wilmington, DE
Artists: Aaron Eliah Terry, Lauren Peters, Ken Mabrey
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SYNCOPATED SAMIZDAT - In a joint venture with the University of Delaware, The Delaware Contemporary is pleased to announce Syncopated Samizdat, a solo exhibition by Aaron Eliah Terry. Using traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques, Plexiglas and sound installation, Terry's work reveals the current rapid-fire media cycle, while reflecting on American political and cultural histories. Sourcing information from news media, album covers, and sound bites, Terry pulls elements that he uses repetitively aiding in the construction of new conversations to age-old questions about truth, human atrocities, and the potential for a better future. Samizdat, the clandestine practice of copying and distributing banned literature used as a form of dissidence in formerly communist Eastern European countries, expresses Terry's thought for the need of "samizdat" in the United States under its current administration. Sharp lines collide with soft curves, and imagery is recognizable yet pixilated. Repeated patterns and shapes are combined with overlapping and unexpected sound elements to reintroduce current events to the viewer and expose bias and slant that is inevitably present in the media. These elements add layers to the work and reinforce the artist's attempt at grappling with finding "truth" in today's excessive media exposure. Throughout his work, the artist questions the existence of a singular truth and who determines it. ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Opening for "On Being Human," by studio artists Lauren Peters and Ken Mabrey. Live music by Dickens and Ballsworth.


3P Gallery (The 3rd Place)
1139 W. 7th St., Suite C
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Geraldo Gonzalez
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"Cycling Inspired" A group exhibit of local artists inspired by cycling and in celebration of the opening of Wilmington's newest bike trail, the Jack A. Markell Trail. This show has a yarn-bombed bike, embroidery, illustration, painting, drawing, photography, and collage. Image by Geraldo Gonzalez, artist whose focus is on transportation. Nicknamed "King of Transit", Geraldo is from Wilmington, DE.
Blue Streak Gallery
1721 Delaware Ave.
Wilmington, DE
Artists: Karen Delaney & Gus Semas
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KAREN DELANEY, Sculpture and GUS SEMAS, Paintings
The Delaware Center for Horticulture
1810 North Dupont St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Hank Davis
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Horticulture Through the Lens’ captures Hank's love of plants through his unique perspective. His photography will transform your interpretation of plants and help you see them in a unique way. Hank Davis, originally from New York City, has lived in the Delaware Valley for 45 years. Living here has inspired an appreciation for nature and open space that ultimately led to a career in horticulture. Since retiring, he has pursued his lifelong passion, photography. His photography can be found on his website: www.harolddavisphotography.smugmug.com. Special thanks to Jim Graham for his printing expertise.
Cab Calloway School of the Arts
100 N. Dupont Rd.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Chad Cortez Everett
Exhibit: The American Dream: The Artist’s Vision
Note: We are located in a public school and follow security procedures typical of most public schools in the area. All visitors must check-in at the school's main office.
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The American Dream, Through the eyes of the artist. I watched the "Cosby Show" and "A Different World" during my teenage years because, the television shows represented successful African- Americans. I watched how wealth and education unlock doors to bigger opportunities. The episodes inspired me to attended college and motivated me to pursue "The American Dream". "The American Dream" symbolized financial success and prosperity. Bill Huxtable was my role model because he was college educated, lived in a big house in Manhattan, New York and had a beautiful wife and kids. I wanted "The American Dream," so, I followed the path of Bill Huxtable according to the Cosby Show. If I worked hard and attended college, then I could have access to the power and wealth similar to Bill Huxtable. I did not realize that "The American Dream "came with a hefty price tag. As time moved forward, I found a job as a middle school art teacher and started paying off my $45,000 student loans. I acquired additional debt ranging from mortgage loans to car loans and other financial obligations. I asked myself, "Is this the American Dream?" I realized the "American Dream" comes with a large price tag. In my pursuit of the America Dream, I had to sell my values and social identity in order to reach the top of the hill. I have no regrets for my actions, but I celebrate my accomplishments as a professional artist, father and husband. "The American Dream, Through the eyes of the Artist," is a celebration of trials and tribulations of pursuing the "American Dream".
Carspecken Scott Gallery
1707 N Lincoln St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Deborah Davis
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Deborah Davis only paints moths. Different species, different sizes, different colors. Come and see what comes "Out of the Darkness."
Howard Pyle Studio
1305 North Franklin St.
Wilmington, DE
Exhibit: The Artists of The Howard Pyle Studio
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"Ominous" a watercolor by Diane Cannon is part of the exhibit by The Artists of The Howard Pyle Studio.
Art Loop Reception 5:30-8pm. Exhibit on display until October 31.
Melloy Alley Gallery
700 N. Harrison St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Dwayne Todd
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Display of Smiles: Diamond State Merry Pranksters on Art Loop On display will be all the Smiles gathered from the Smile Drive community effort of the Diamond State Merry Pranksters. Live music from Brandywine Grateful Dead band Bones Brigade. Complimentary food and drink will be present.. 6pm-9pm
St. Stephen's Lutheran Church
1301 N. Broom St.
Wilmington, DE
Artist: Linda Gunderson
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"Color in Summer" features work by Linda Gunderson. The colors of summer are vivid and joyful. Beaches, flower gardens, rain washed landscapes and the people that inhabit them form the subjects for the oil and acrylic paintings in this exhibit. Locations in Delaware, Maryland, Utah and Italy show a world of color in summer. Linda Gunderson is a Lutheran Pastor and artist with roots in Minnesota, work in Delaware, a home in Maryland and an unabated love of travel that immerses in community.


Arden's Buzz Ware Village Center
2119 The Hwy, Wilmington, DE 19810
(302) 981-4811
Artist: Sean Flynn
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"Theurgy in the Land of Orr" - Wilmington's Art Loop is back at Arden for 1st Friday Oct.5th with Artist & Musician Sean Flynn of Wilmington. Come check out his vibrant and wild imaginings and be inspired.
Bellefonte Arts
803 C Brandywine Blvd.
Exhibit: Decorated Bra Contest, a fundraiser benefitting the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition
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Various artists enter a decorated bra. Join the fun, win a prize, support the cause! Benefits the Legend Foundation.
Station Gallery
3922 Kennett Pike
Greenville DE
Artist: Michele Green
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Michele Green's favorite places to paint are the most remote areas of the Delmarva Peninsula. She creates lush landscapes in oil of marshes, waterways and inviting paths. Most of her work is done en plein air - by foot, boat or canoe. The process results in an intimate and personal relationship with the landscape. "I like to paint what people forget to look at." Live Blue Grass Music featuring the artist on banjo.
Talleyville Frame Shoppe & Gallery
3625 Silverside Road
Wilmington DE
Exhibit: The Coffin Ball Art Show
Artists: Edward Abbott, Robert Bickey, Stephen Blickenstaff, Brian Durkee, Ric Frane, Eric Hendrickson, Pat Higgins, Joe Hoddinott, Shawn Kirkpatrick,Tina Marabito, Kristen Margiotta, Wendy M, Beth and Ken Schuler, Matt Stankis and more.
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Lots of local talent, using different media, create creepy, funny, dark, and often poignant coffin shaped artwork, making this one of our most interesting and fun shows. Show hangs though October.