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2nd & LOMA

211 North Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 655-0124

“Full of Life” by Darnell Woodson

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Darnell captures the essence of people and places in his acrylic paintings. Realistic art with a focus on portraits. The pieces are alive!
Academy for Peace

203 North Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 384-0156

Brave as a Lion by Zathray Burton

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Lions stick together and a lion’s roars can be heard up to 5 miles. Zathray Burton who is an inspiring artist from New Castle, Delaware. Her focus is in the art of Prophetic Art Worship. Since 2013 she’s been asked to paint in several churches while worship is taking place. At a very low point of the artist life she, it was suggested that she would paint for an outlet of relaxation. Zathray comes from a line of artists in her family, and however she never pursued this gift until the time was right.

So far, she has exhibited her artwork in Delaware, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey, since this under taking she’s sold over a 237 works of art. The money is donated to the church. The artist is proud of her accomplishments howbeit realize this gift comes from above.

This gift has brought so much joy to Zathray. Her hopes are that in seeing her artwork, the patron would receive the same measure of joy.
Thank you for the opportunity to show my art work.

The Angelus

417 West 5th St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(347) 963-2208

“Saintly Inspirations” by Martha Ann Szczerba

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It’s rare to find Whimsical, Mysterious, and Sacred combined into One. Three in One? Meet prize-winning Martha Ann. Ancient art developed itself through iconography to tell our Western-Christian-Judeo Story. And, Martha Ann impulsively—from her heart—tells the Story to us once more using acrylic paint on wooden boards to render God the Father, Mary the Mother, Jesus the Son–and all the Angels and Saints—into bold gutsy lively characters expressing the Holy Child within. Martha Ann has never studied art nor received formal training, she’s never heard of Picasso or VanGogh. So what can she know? Come and discover the ingenious Art Work of Martha Ann with her big colors and vibrant faces and let us be taught by her at The Angelus. Proceeds go to Brother Ronald at Ministry of Caring, Wilmington, DE for community revitalization.

205 North Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 433-6622

S.H.E. (Sharing Her Energy)

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A Collaboration of Women Artists Sharing their Artistic Energy to create one Show. Amor LaLuna, Sabrina Hairston, Eunice LaFate, Madeline Porter, Monica Davis. More Artists are being added. This will be a phenomenal show featuring phenomenal women Artists.
Chris White Gallery

701 Shipley St.
Wilmington, DE 19801

Kuumba student work

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See work created by Kuumba Academy students grades K – 6 during their year-long partnership with the Delaware Art Museum. All year students have been visiting the Museum, touring the galleries, and creating work with Teaching Artist and Curator in Residence Roxanne R Campbell. Join us as we celebrate all the students’ hard work!
Christina Cultural Arts Center
Edward Loper, Sr Gallery

705 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 652-0101


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This exhibit highlights images from several premier male African American artists from the tri-state region. The expressive visuals reflect culture, times and environment as it relates to their individual perspectives. Their unique viewpoint of society in conjunction with social, economic and political realities form captivating phantasmagorias. Meet-the-artists reception for the exhibit opening Is Friday, May 3, 5:30-8:00pm.
Louis L. Redding Gallery

City/County Building lobby
800 N. French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 576-2100

..and the waters rise by Jenna Lucente (gallery only)

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The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs announces the second exhibition in a joint venture with the The Delaware Contemporary on display in the lobby of the Louis L. Redding City/County Building. This self-guided exhibition features three paintings by The Delaware Contemporary studio artist, Jenna Lucente. Lucente’s landscapes present a vision of a marred environment through the effects of flooding and climate change. Her paintings explore ruination and the irreconcilable differences that often infiltrate dialogue as we individually, and collectively, try to navigate through the sullen results. Deluged, lost, and searching, Lucente’s anonymous figures appear to eerily meander half-submerged through swollen waters. Overwhelmed by the inundation, the figures grasp each other for support as they brave the environment. The figures represent global familiarity: everyone you know and don’t know. Lucente’s work investigates how a disaster can strip away all excess translated with a sense of stillness and simplicity. The veil of monochromatic color harmony unifies each image, while revealing to the viewer a covert message of the existential new normal.
Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery at
Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD)

600 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 622-8000

Opening of the 2019 Graduating Student Exhibition

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Members of the Delaware College of Art and Design Class of 2019 will cap off their associate of fine arts degree studies with a show of capstone works in DCAD’s Toni & Stuart B. Young Gallery at 600 N. Market St. The exhibition will continue through May 6 with hours of 5 to 8 p.m. May 3; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 4 and 5; and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 6. Free and open to the public.
Delaware History Museum

“Delaware: One State, Many Stories”

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A comprehensive exhibition presented in a complementary dual format. “Discover Delaware” introduces a general overview of the state’s history from the 1600s to the present. “Journey to Freedom” features the history of African Americans from the first known African brought to Delaware by the Swedes in the 1600s called “Black Anthony,” to Delaware Poets Laureate, brothers Nnamdi Chukwuocha and Al Mills.

The exhibition explores the complexity of geography and community that has shaped Delaware over hundreds of years. For example, Delaware is northern and southern, agricultural and industrial, rural and urban—a slave state and a key stop on the Underground Railroad. Delaware is host to events as venerable as the August Quarterly and different as Point-to-Point and Punkin Chunkin’. It is indeed one state with many stories. The exhibitions’ rich collection of objects, photographs, paintings, and documents present familiar history and aspects of Delaware’s past that are less well known, but no less important or intriguing.

Gallery 919

919 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801

Erin Kathleen: The World Through My Lens Travel Photography

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Erin Kathleen is a lawyer by day but has a passion for traveling the world and photographing all she encounters. Inspired by the beauty not only of nature but the cities we have built; each subject reflects a static moment that continues long after the camera is gone. This collection encompasses 10 years of Erin’s travels throughout Europe.
Grace United Methodist Church

900 N. Washington St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 655-8847

One Village Alliance and Lumina Arts

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Both organizations partner with Grace United Methodist Church partner to participate in Art Loop Wilmington featuring creators of some of our areas most extraordinary culinary, visual, wearable and performing arts! Family friendly, engaging and enriching, all events are free and open to the public.

Our May Art Loop celebrates Cinco De Mayo featuring artists who redefine what it means to be a creative! A culturally diverse host of artists will come together enjoy this Mexican Holiday! Salsa lessons with Pastor Edwin and a special guest at 7:00 pm!

The Grand Opera House

818 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 658-7897

The Grand Gallery

“Petflix” by Zach Bluett

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‘Petflix’ is an ink-and-watercolor illustrated series of popular comedy TV characters as some very punny animals. ‘Dwight Shrewte,’ ‘Ross Guller,’ ‘Ron Swanson,’ and many more, assume the personality and attire of their sit-com counterparts. 50+ characters from 9 comedies will be on display at the show opening May 3rd, 5-8pm.

the baby grand gallery

“Anybody Home?” by Cody Bluett

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‘Anybody Home?’ Places and spaces, familiar yet unknown, that speak of stillness, nostalgia, and the fragility of memory in everyday homes through oil and mixed media. Touching on notions of isolation and voyeurism, ‘Anybody Home?’ builds upon a body of work from Cody Bluett’s 2018 exhibition ‘Neighborhood Watch.’
Hotel Dupont

42 W. 11th St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 594-3256

Artists: Terry Roberts & Francisco Sanchez

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Feature artist Terry Roberts, Photographer. His collection is called “The Garden at Night-” light paintings of regional parks, estates and landscapes. This work is presented by the Blue Streak Gallery. Also, Francisco Sanchez, Featuring his eclectic collection.
LaFate Gallery

227 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 656-6786


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Award-winning Folk Artist Eunice LaFate experienced the “full healing power” of Art in 2015, when she lost her husband to cancer. LaFate created a series of paintings at the bedside of her late husband. The series is titled, “Rebounding from Grief to Growth.” These paintings will be on display for the May 3, Art Loop, which is close to May 4th, the 4th Anniversary of LaFate’s husband’s passing. An “Art of Coping,” Paint Night, will be a Part of the May 3rd Art Loop, at LaFate Gallery.
Mezzanine Gallery

820 N. French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 577-8278

Plein Air by Jim Rehak

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Jim Rehak lives in Seaford and is a plein air painter. Featured in this “plein air” exhibition are original oil landscapes painted on site. The locations are scattered across the Delmarva peninsula and vicinity. Following in the tradition of the Impressionists, light is a key element in
the work.
MKT Place Gallery

200 W. 9th St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 438-6545

Love & Perseverance by Alfredo

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“As a way to cope with my kidney failure and mother’s death-Vanessa B. Clark, I picked up a brush and began painting my grief…loss. Through love and perseverance, here I am five years later waiting for a transplant…still painting. Look through my eyes to capture my soul. This is my story.”
The Sold Firm

800-B N. Tatnall Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 689-3237

Joanne Norris

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This series came from the artist’s experience as a female scientist and engineer, who realized that she hardly knew any women who had been influential in the field. This exhibit allows the viewer to experience the scientists as paintings in mixed media while offering the opportunity to learn something about their work. These women accomplished extravagant things against all odds and should be recognized as inspirational “Conceivers” of many modern technologies and ideas. The artist wishes to expand the series beyond this show, making more paintings, prints, and merchandise to bring notoriety to the women featured, as well as donate some of the proceeds to groups working with women and girls in STEM.
Studio on Market

219 North Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 229-7108

SPATIAL PERSPECTIVE II – Anthony Sealey Photography

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The geographical scientific definition of this term is the following: “A way of identifying, explaining, and predicting the human and physical patterns in space and the interconnectedness of various spaces”. This is a little complex for my simple mind. The word Spatial, simply relates to “space”. The word Perspective, “a point of view”. Space can relate to things both physical and emotional. We all are affected by and surrounded by space every minute of our lives. It affects the home we buy, how fast we drive and every relationship we have with others. Whether a space is physical or emotional, they are looked at with a unique point of view. Perspectives are limitless, since we all see things differently. My objective has always been to take photographs that evoke personal thoughts and emotions, rather than dictate my perspective on others. For this reason, my works remain “Untitled”. The goal is that we learn about each other through our differences by recognizing the beauty in our diverse views and being drawn closer because of them.
Wilmington Library

10 East 10th St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 571-7400

Creative Vision Factory

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Six friends from the Creative Vision Factory have come together for a group exhibition! Their works include paintings and sculptures, inspired by the range of their life experiences. Artists include: Ray Aborn, Carl Bailey, Eric Carpenter, Knicoma Frederick, Geraldo Gonzalez, and Ken Segal. Learn more about the Creative Vision Factory at


The Delaware Contemporary

200 South Madison St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 656-6466

ANAHATA, John Singletary, HOPES & DREAMS/FEARS & FEELS, A Draper Experiment by Anthony Bowers, CUSP, UD MFA Thesis exhibition, Lynn Herrick Sharp award exhibition, BLUE-SKY THINKING, Caroline Coolidge Brown and Scott Alan McClurg. Rolling Revolution Night Market.

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5:30 PM | Informal UD MFA artist talks in the gallery

6:30 PM | 96 Sitars and Clint Takeda performing as Double Wig with guest Aaron Igler on electronics in the lobby

5 – 8 PM | The ART CART- The Art Cart greets visitors interested in an interactive gallery experience with a selection of creative projects appealing to all ages. There will always be something new to discover as we rotate activities featured to connect with our dynamic exhibitions on display. The Art Cart is generously provided by DISCOVER.

ANAHATA, John Singletary- $10 ticketed admission for this exhibition applies during Art Loop. The Delaware Contemporary is excited to debut new compositions added to the Anahata series of immersive multimedia installations conceived by artist John Singletary. Out from the cloak of darkness emerges a fantastical universe of images that seem to exist in both the past and the present simultaneously.

HOPES & DREAMS/FEARS & FEELS, A Draper Experiment by Anthony Bowers
Anthony Bowers reflects on consumerism and waste. See-through fabric designed as “dumpsters” allow viewers to toss their conceptual and actual trash in the form of “HOPES & DREAMS” or “FEARS & FEELS.”

CUSP, UD MFA Thesis exhibition
In a joint venture with the University of Delaware, The Delaware Contemporary is pleased to announce cusp, the 2019 University of Delaware Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition. Defined as a point of transition between two stages, cusp encompasses the state the artists currently exist in, poised to enter the contemporary art world.

Lynn Herrick Sharp award exhibition
In a joint venture with the University of Delaware, The Delaware Contemporary presents the Lynn Herrick Sharp Award Exhibition. In September 2009, Lynn Herrick Sharp established an award in support of the Fine Arts program in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Delaware.

BLUE-SKY THINKING, Caroline Coolidge Brown and Scott Alan McClurg
“Through layers of collage and rhythmic organic shapes, I invite the vitality of the natural world to my canvas. I can feel the wind in grasses and the flapping of wings. Added collage allows me to exaggerate the birds’ colorful markings. I find special bits of paper and text to glue into an imagined story of each piece.” – Caroline Coolidge Brown. “I became interested in photography with the digital revolution around 2000. I have found photography to be a spontaneous medium that enables me to create rich, abstract images while revealing details that are difficult to see with the naked eye.” – Scott Alan McClurg


8th & Union Kitchen

801 N. Union Street
Wilmington, DE
(302) 654-9780

Artists: Tim Miller

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Tattoo artist exhibits his work for the May Art Loop. Happy Hour Specials 4pm – 7pm 1/2 bottle and draft beer, house wine, and house cocktails.
Blue Streak Gallery

1721 Delaware Ave.
Wilmington, DE 19806
(302) 429-0506

Taking Flight by Sarah Yeoman and friends

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A watercolor Show of an artist and two of her students- Sarah Yeoman, Diane Lemonides and Tania Alden.
Chez Nicole Hair & Nail Salon

1901 West 11th St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 654-8888

Cyntaya Welch

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Found objects transformed Into 3-D paintings- whimsical, vibrant and fun! Cyntaya enjoys creating colorful, vibrant, 3-D paintings using found objects, such as dryer lint, old jewelry, cardboard scraps, and packing material, to name a few. Cyntaya’s current passion is painting on discarded ceiling fan blades!
Christa-Bell Caribbean Cuisine

414 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 510-8989

DeShawn King

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Dead Presidents Restaurant & Bar

618 N. Union Street
Wilmington, DE
(302) 4636408

Julia Jay Hardman

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Drawings by Julia are featured for the month on May. Extended happy hour until 8pm! Featuring 1/2 price appetizer menu and $1.50 Yuengling & Lite Drafts.
The Delaware Center for Horticulture

1810 North Dupont St.
Wilmington, DE 19806
(302) 658-6262

Caribbean Impressions of the Delaware Valley by Juliet Thorburn

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This exhibit, a collection of oil and watercolor paintings, is inspired by Juliet’s Jamaican heritage. The paintings capture some of the natural scenery of Delaware and its surrounding areas with a vivid Caribbean palette. Masterful and versatile, Juliet imbues each piece with her signature “magical” touch. Whether using watercolor or oils, and whether expressing realism or an abstract form she calls “Ethereals” and “Jeweled Ethereals”, this Jamaican fine artist repeatedly harnesses her energy and talent to produce unique views from her mind’s eye. Juliet’s book, “A Watercolour Tribute to Historic Jamaican Churches,” will be on sale for $45, and a copy is included with the purchase of any painting. Light refreshments.
The Epiphany Church

301 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE 19806
(302) 298-1045

Cony Madariaga

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Cony Madariaga is a Delaware based Artist, born in Santiago Chile and has had a passion for art since a very young age. She looks at art as her getaway and go-to place and finds herself most present and surrounded by good energy when creating. All original pieces are custom made by Cony.
Howard Pyle Studio

1305 North Franklin St.
Wilmington, DE 19806
(302) 656-7304

“First Light” by Doris Davis-Glackin

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A watercolor painting by Doris Davis-Glackin is part of the exhibit presented by the artists of the Howard Pyle Studio. Exhibit by Padua art students as part of the Howard Pyle outreach program.
Jack Michael Salon

418 S. Union Street
Wilmington, DE
(302) 220-0324

Yonnie Mcfly

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“The ‘Growth’ series was created to display the beautiful growing process that takes place throughout the human experience.”
Kris Window Tint

804 N. Lincoln Street
Wilmington, DE
(302) 384-6185

HB The Artist

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Merengue House Bar & Restaurant

837 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(347) 989-7678

Kevin Morel

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Contemporary Art, Media Art, Abstract, Pop Art.
Milk & Honey Café & Gallery

807 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 635-4201

“Art Is Love”

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Join us for our first Art Loop and enjoy the work of artists Yakime Brown, JaQuanne Daniels, Edward Henderson, and Chloe McEldowney.
Mrs. Robino’s

520 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 652-9223

John Holton

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“I paint what I see, doing the best I can to reproduce what my eyes behold. The process is as gratifying as the product and has added another layer of richness to my golf and fishing travels.”
Rocco’s Italian Grill

701 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 753-8655

Nick Grisby

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Local artist, Nick Grigsby presents his Abstract and Comic Art as part of West Side Art Loop.
Salon Ollaé

714 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 654-4848

Pure Religion Holistics by Yvette Johnson

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Customized organic bath & body products for mind, body, & soul.
Saroukos Hair Co.

2419 Lancaster Ave
Wilmington, DE
(302) 654-1614

Garry Saroukos

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Space @ 812 N Union

812 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 660-1901

Yemina Israel and Kelly Martin

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Pop-Up space featuring handmade hair and body products by Yemina Israel of Addi Naturals and paper quilling artwork by Kelly Martin of Paper Hibiscus.
Squeezebox Records

1901 West 11th St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 510-9429

Kerrea Meekins aka Foodstamp

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Paintings are inspired by hip hop, graffiti and comic books with a little bit of abstract. Medium: spray paint, acrylic paint, and paint markers.
St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church

1301 N. Broom St.
Wilmington, DE 19806
(302) 652-7623

Barrie Gregory

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Alcohol ink artist, Barrie Gregory of Lancaster, PA, is addicted to the wonderfully vibrant colors of this medium. The highly pigmented inks move quickly and are very fast drying. Non- porous surfaces, such as plastic-coated paper, glass, metal, allow the inks to flow over the surface without being adsorbed creating one-of-a-kind abstracts. Barrie also uses a brush for more detailed images. Light refreshments.
Telo Massage Studio

506 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 897-9255

“Go With the Flow” by Neil Maliszewski

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A collection of energetic flowing color. Original acrylic paintings on canvas.
Unity Church

2101 Lancaster Avenue
Wilmington, DE
(302) 658-5288

Kameron Rozier

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Visual artist and medium is acrylic paint. See more @newcreation302.

211 North Union St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 367-6895

“The Placebo Effect” by Ralph Marley

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Making beliefs reality, and elevating consciousness.
V-Trap Kitchen & Lounge

607 North Lincoln St.
Wilmington, DE
(302) 364-0474

Christine Burke

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Christine Burke Integrates creativity into every aspect of your life and uses found objects as part of her work. Enjoy light appetizers and juice sampling.


Bellevue Community Center

510 Duncan Rd.
Bellefonte, DE 19809
(302) 762-1391

Forever Unruly by Tom Law

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The artistry presented by Tom Law is eclectic and revolutionary. Bold geometric patterns, strong explosions of color using acrylic, oil and spray paint in the creative process. All paintings are based on raw emotions, trillness (truth and realness) and whatever else is felt in the moment.
Bellefonte Vintage

901 Brandywine Blvd.
Bellefonte, DE 19809
(302) 762-7878

Sami Campbell Sarver

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Derby Day! Jewelry artist Sami Campbell Sarver show off her latest creations including some fabulous hats, perfect for the Run for the Roses and Point to Point.
Arden’s Buzz Ware Village Center

2119 The Highway
Arden, DE 19810

“Different Visions” – Brandywine Photo Collective

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Photography by Cynthia Bonnes, Walt Borders, Kathy Buckalew, Roman Coia, Ken Francis, Jane Koester, Lynn Maniscalco, Gerry Meekins, Jeffrey Rubin, Danny Schweers, and Jeff Steen.

Three of the photographers are residents of Arden. Visions can be individual perceptions of things visible or mystical personal experiences of things otherwise invisible. Each artist exhibiting has a different vision; some are wildly different from one another! Although some of the images are the same as their previous exhibit at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, many of the artists are showing new work.

Station Gallery

3922 Kennett Pike
Greenville, DE 19807
(302) 654-8638

“Anything Goes” by Helena van Emmerik-Finn

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Vibrant, impressionistic paintings of regional landscapes, interiors, and animal paintings are featured in a solo show. Helena’s new work includes oil paintings and pastels. Gallery Hours: 9 – 5 Monday – Friday; 10 – 3 Saturday. Celebrating 40 Years in Business 1979 – 2019!
Rodney Pratt Framing & Gallery

304 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 438-6545

We Art Colonials – Penn Art Studio Group at William Penn High School

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The Arts & Antiques Gallery at Rodney Pratt Framing & Gallery @ 2nd Act Antiques in New Castle will soon be bustling with visitors taking in the numerous pieces of artworks from the Penn Art Studio Group at William Penn High School participating in the 1st Annual Art Exhibition. Each student will have up to 5 works in any medium — from painting and drawing to photography, three-dimensional assemblage, and digital art. Come witness the passion, originality and talent of our local high school artists and meet them in person.