January on the Loop
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Christina Cultural Arts Center

705 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 429-0101

Show/Artist: Joseph Repetti “Music Icons”

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“Art is my religion, creating is every day, and I’m fortunate to work with young minds that will shape our world.” This exhibit features a collection of some of Repetti’s favorite musicians throughout history.
Delaware History Museum

Show/Artist: “Delaware: One State, Many Stories”

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The exhibition introduces the state’s history through a number of important topics. Delaware’s immigrant history, its maritime heritage, deep roots in agriculture, Wilmington’s evolution from an industrial hub to a financial center, its role on the war front and at home, and the many cultural and artistic contributions envelope visitors in First State history. The Jane and Littleton Mitchell Center for African American Heritage located in the Delaware History Museum includes the exhibition, “Journey To Freedom.” This exhibition presents compelling perspectives of African Americans’ struggles for human rights, freedom, and dignity in Delaware and the nation. From slavery to resistance, to forging faith and community, and standing together for freedom and equality, this groundbreaking exhibition presents important themes in the African American experience in Delaware.

“The First State at the Front: WWI and the Road to Victorious Peace” commemorates the centennial of World War I and explores Delaware’s participation, offering visitors a window to the experiences and sacrifices of Delawareans on the battlefield and home front. The exhibition highlights the Delaware Historical Society’s rich collections, including letters to loved ones, scrapbooks, victory medals, and a wealth of wartime propaganda posters. Individually, these items tell fascinating stories about Delawareans living through a war that awakened them to a new global reality. Together, they paint a broader picture that speaks to the very human cost of war. Visitors are transported to 1917 as they explore differing attitudes toward the United States’ entry into World War I, the experience of African American soldiers, and the many organizations and activities at home that supported the war effort abroad.

Louis L. Redding Gallery

City/County Building lobby
800 N. French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 576-2100

Show/Artist: Introduction to Fourth Dimensionalism by Timmy Graham

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Large-scale, mythological paintings by Philadelphia-based artist Timmy Graham. Graham takes fourth dimensionalism on a color journey as he fuses math and science with art in his massive oil paintings. Inspired by the theory of relativity, color relates to measured distances on the electromagnetic spectrum as every brushstroke becomes an individual plane.

Kathrine Paige, Curator of The Delaware Contemporary, will talk about Timmy Graham’s influences, symbolism and formal aesthetics of his work at the Art Loop reception at 5:45 pm (for about 20 minutes).

The Sold Firm

800-B N. Tatnall Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 689-3237

Show/Artist: Lvon Yoder “Micro Orcim”

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The splatter abstract artist presents a solo show focused on his smallest artwork.
Wilmington Library

10 East 10th St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 571-7400

Artists: Pacem In Terris – Traveling Peace Youth Art Exhibit

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The exhibit provides an opportunity for all of us to learn from our younger citizens what the world should be like. The art answers such questions as “what does a peaceful world look like,” and “what should us older citizens be working towards?”


The Delaware Contemporary

200 South Madison St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 656-6466

Show/Artist: HALF : HALF: A Draper Experiment by Willie Yao

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HALF : HALF debuts ten site-specific pieces of paintings, video, and other media installations that explore Yao’s discovery of his own identity and lifestyle as an urban citizen. Figurative and deeply individualistic, Yao invites the observer to ask questions about their own dynamic identity, psychology, and life experiences.

To demonstrate his internal “half,” the largest artwork in the exhibition, Man-09152017, reveals Willie’s internal transformation from his iconic graffiti illustration art style into simple compositions with a more confident aesthetic. In his previous practice, Yao drew lines to form color blocks, leaving specks in the “in-between” spaces to evoke mystery, like stars in the dark night sky.

To portray his external “half,” Yao invited friends, peers, his ex-husband, and strangers to collaborate on the artistic process, completing the narrative of HALF : HALF. The co-creators in this exhibition include, No. 223, one of the most popular photographers in China who focuses on intimate relationships, and KidK, Chief Editor of the Chinese street fashion hype magazine, YOHO!. By including these collaborators, Yao positions his identity to a broader context of lifestyle elements, such as the relationship between pop art and contemporary art and how one thinks and lives as the driving force between consumerism and pop culture.


Cab Calloway School of the Arts

100 N. Dupont Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19806
(302) 651-2700

Show/Artist: Performances: the Brandywine Photo Collective

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Before he was a photographer, Ansel Adams (1902-1984) was a gifted pianist who valued his personal interpretations of Beethoven and Chopin. As a photographer, Adams continued to think in musical terms, that each print made in the darkroom was a performance of the negative that had been composed in the field.

During his lifetime, the ways he interpreted his negatives changed, the performances becoming more dramatic, emphasizing form more and detail less. At the end of his career, in donating his negatives to the University of Arizona’s Center for Creative Photography, Adams anticipated that his negatives would be interpreted by others in years to come, his negatives being the “compositions” the students would “perform”. He famously said, “The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance.”

In this exhibit “Performances: the Brandywine Photo Collective,” nine of its members explore Adams’ idea. Starting with the image as it came out of the camera, each print is an individual performance that may differ in subtle or dramatic ways from other performances. Here you will see how each photographer interpreted their own image and how it was interpreted by three other members.


David’s Studio & Gallery

2324 Cherry Ln.
Arden, DE 19810
(302) 545-7489

Show/Artist: David Ashworth Burslem

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Featuring Old and New Paintings by David Ashworth Burslem.
Rodney Pratt Framing & Gallery

304 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 438-6545

Show/Artist: 6th Annual Miniature Show

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Over 25 artists are exhibited at the 6th Annual Miniatures Art Show. All artwork in this exhibit will be no larger than 10″x10″ and must be square.