This Month on the Loop

Christina Cultural Arts Center

705-707 North Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 429-0101
"The Merge- Justice and Fine Arts" by Ebony H. Flag and "Juxt-58 Art" by Milton Downing

Ebony H. Flag showed an interest in the arts from an early age by seeking to emulate the creative abilities of her parents. A graduate of the Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, Ebony focuses on illustration, graphic design and poetry. Ebony’s passions do not end at the tip of a pen or paintbrush; she exhibits the same level of commitment in wanting to see others’ lives made better. Influenced by her interactions as an educator, youth counselor and community builder, her rhythmic writings are as vivid and captivating as the illustrations she creates.

Milton Downing describes his art as Juxt-58 Art assembled to harmonize. The art of arranging a collage of paint, fact, fabric and fun. I have been director of visual art programing at CCAC for 28 years.

Chris White Gallery

701 Shipley St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 601-1160
401 by Shannon Woodloe and Chet'la Sebree

2019 Delaware Division of the Arts Fellows Shannon Woodloe (Emerging Artist: Visual Arts—Photography) and Chet'la Sebree (Established Artist: Literature—Poetry) will present a collaborative exhibition that explores the legacy of slavery’s effect on black women and their sexuality. Through Woodloe's photography inspired by Sebree's poetry collection Mistress, the exhibition will meditate on an observation made by historian and lawyer Annette Gordon-Reed: "The portrayal of black female sexuality as inherently degraded is a product of slavery and white supremacy, and it lives on as one of slavery’s chief legacies and as one of white supremacy’s continuing projects."

The event will feature an exhibition of artwork and a short poetry reading, which will begin at 6:30pm.

Shannon Woodloe, 2019 Delaware Division of Arts Emerging Artist Fellow, is a Wilmington-based photographer. Using photography as a tool, she aims to document her subjects beyond literal interpretation. Through her lens, she aims to provide the stories behind of her subject matter. This passion is derived from the history she excavated about her family through the family's photo archive.

2019 Delaware Division of the Arts Fellow Chet’la Sebree (Established Artist: Literature—Poetry) is the author of Mistress, selected by Cathy Park Hong as the winner of the 2018 New Issues Poetry Prize. She is the Director of the Stadler Center for Poetry & Literary Arts and an assistant professor of English at Bucknell University.


110 West 10th St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 448-0903
"Emma's Legacy" by FlowerChild

FlowerChild is a self-taught artist and east-side Wilmington native who chose her name to represent her rejection of conventional society and her focus on love, peace, and simple, idealistic values. She describes her artistic style as African folk art and uses figures to create human like beings out of different flowers.

Delaware Division of the Arts—Mezzanine Gallery

820 N. French St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 577-8278
"Spring Must Come" by Terron Mitchell

The Delaware Division of the Arts is please to present a selection of wall-mounted wood sculpture and furniture by Terron Mitchell.

Gallery 919 Market

919 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 824-9607
Windows of Perception by Dolores Pye Josey

Abstracts, Natural and Architectural Scenes done in watercolors. In 2017, Dolores left a long life fully committed to the deepest and most enduring perception of the world around her, its forms, its colors, and its movements. She spent her life in creative activity through painting, contemporary dance, ceramic arts and the art of Yoga. Shortly before her death, her first and only book, Crossing Boundaries, a novel of the old west, was published. That work, as in the other areas, had to do with human perceptions of self, of each other, and of the world and its myriad forms and meanings. Dolores spent two years at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque before moving to the University of Illinois and completing her B.A. in Fine Arts. She received the M.A. in painting at the University of Delaware and the M.A. in dance Education at the Laban Centre, London England. Wine, cheese and crackers will be served.

Grace United Methodist Church

900 North Washington St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 887-6254
“The Other Side of Pakistan” by Haroon Baloch

Haroon Baloch is a journalist and digital rights activist based in Islamabad. He also teaches New Media and Online Journalism and Gender and Media Studies courses at the National University of Modern Languages. Being a journalist, he frequently travels new places across the globe and captures fascinating colors. Mr. Baloch is returning to Wilmington after five and a half years to exhibit the beauty of his home country, Pakistan. For the first time, he came to the United States in May 2014 and stayed in Wilmington for six weeks; worked at WDEL 1150, interacted with American people and made friends. During his stay in Delaware, he observed either Americans do not know about his country or they believed it was just like Afghanistan or Iraq. He says regardless of global politics, the image of Pakistan is badly distorted in the US and not much has been done to restore its actual image.

Mr. Baloch is bringing his photography in Wilmington about Pakistan. The landscapes of Northern and Southern parts of Pakistan are filled with breathtaking beauty of the nature. The portraits of Pakistani people and their activities will help us break our myths about Pakistan. Pakistan is the second-largest country of South Asia region, the land where three highest mountain ranges; the Himalaya, Karakorum, and Hindukush hug each other. The Northern parts of the country are rich with some of the highest peaks of the world, including K2, Broad Peak, Nanga Parbat, Gasherbrums, Masherbrums, Rakaposhi, Tirich Mir, and many more. It is also home of Baltoro and Saltoro glaciers; the biggest two outside Arctic and Antarctic glaciers.

Featuring Island Soul catering food truck and William Rose performing live music!

The Grand Opera House

818 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801
The Grand: "Dimensional Collage" by Susan Benarcik the baby grand: "Phoenix" by Ralph Marley

"Dimensional Collage" by Susan Benarcik. This series of collage is the latest body of work created by Susan Benarcik. The artist applies principals of printmaking, design, and sculpture to create dimensional collage framed in shadow boxes. The artist reveals and conceals a subtle, personal narrative as she considers the placement of each component of the dimensional collage. With an appreciation for imperfection and transience, Susan collects peculiar and irregular items, which she incorporates into her work. The viewer is bid to consider and admire the results of a calculated combination of multiple formats; the origin of each one of-a-kind fragment of ephemera, or the gesture of each curious object. /p>

the baby grand: "Phoenix" by Ralph Marley. This show is titled “Phoenix,” and it is inspired by the constant elevation of overcoming challenges and becoming a greater self. The color selection is like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and recreating itself. Shining and burning everything in its path to enlightenment.

Ralph Marley is a self-taught artist who has been creating artwork for five years. He was born in Philadelphia, PA and currently resides in Wilmington, DE. His artwork is described as Neo Expressionism.

LaFate Gallery

227 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 656-6786
Highlighting Black Women Suffrage

Eunice LaFate, award-winning Folk Artist, Educator, Historian, & Public Speaker on FOLK Art & Culture, will showcase her diverse paintings highlighting Black History, in general and AFRICAN-AMERICAN SUFFRAGE, in particular. Her paintings are rendered in vibrant Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolors.

MKT Place Gallery

200 W. 9th St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 438-6545
"Our Stories Matter" by D. Marque Hall
"Gold, Chains and Wire" by D. Marque Hall

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”- Toni Morrison. I took that quote seriously. I have created a series of History Coloring Books illustrating our diverse history. In these books I include facts about the lives of hidden figures and historical icons throughout our complex history. My newest series includes framed pieces of Abolitionist female writers. Members from the community whose stories have shaped and shaken me will be on hand.

Mr. Hall will have guest speakers & live music for on Friday, February 7th and Saturday 8th evening. For the opportunity to share your story, join us at 5 p.m. both nights.

Friday evening: Live music will be performed by Bru'Ajah Stanford-McKinnon and the guest speaker will be Felicia McKinnon, who are the sister and mother respectively of slain teenager Grayson Eddie Leon Ewell of Wilmington from gun violence.

Saturday evening: Guest speaker will be Louise Cummings, widow of slain Delaware State Trooper Cpl. Stephen Ballard. | 302-354-1700

The Mill Space

1007 N. Orange Street 4th floor Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 898-5951
"Passage" by Krista Dedrick Lai

Krista Dedrick Lai makes vividly colorful, high contrast paintings and mixed media pieces about her experiences and observations. Krista has a studio in her home where she also cares for her young son. She always has a long list of projects in her head, a canvas on the wall, and a few side projects happening, and is excited about where her art is going and fighting every day to take herself seriously.

Krista’s work has been shown in several Philadelphia galleries such as Space 1026, the InLiquid Gallery and Practice Gallery, as well as galleries in New Orleans and New Jersey. Recently Krista’s painting “Disparate Voices” was included in the exhibition Into the Light, which was organized and curated by the Bridgette Mayer Gallery. Krista’s work is held in numerous private collections. Music and complimentary beer and wine while supplies last. Music and 50/50 raffle.

The Delaware Contemporary

200 South Madison St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 656-6466
Women Advancing the Aperture, John Breakey, Amie Potsic

FOCAL POINTS: WOMEN ADVANCING THE APERTURE Group exhibition of contemporary female photographers showcases contemporary female photographers whose work centers on the themes of illusion, perception, and perspective against the backdrop of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. Like their antecedents, this exhibition celebrates the strength, conviction, and advancements made by women to address gender parity and the powerful role art plays in producing multiple layers of dialogue.

ATMOSPHERE, John Breakey “These paintings are inspired by the great space above and to the horizon line and its continuous parade of atmospheric conditions. My hope is these observed depictions of natural events serve as a respite or pause for the viewer.”

MIDNIGHT MASS, Amie Potsic Working with the expansive industrial architecture of The Delaware Contemporary, Potsic strives to punctuate the height, scale, and proportion of the interior space. With over 250 linear feet of silk, Potsic has designed a monumental site-specific installation involving panels suspended on wires in the atrium plenum.

5 - 8 | The Art Cart

Blue Streak Gallery Spaces

1721 Delaware Ave. Wilmington, DE 19806 (302) 429-0506
Colleen Zufelt ," Metal and Clay" and Ken Mabrey, "Out of Context"

Colleen has combined metal and clay in her most recent work. Ken will have oil paintings; Romeo and Juliet out of context.

Delaware Center for Horticulture

1810 North Dupont St. Wilmington, DE 19806 (302) 658-6262
Michele Foster

"PArtist Michele Foster’s work focuses on florals, seascapes, landscapes or figures. She uses canvas, paper or board to create her paintings. To achieve richness and depth, she builds layers of color and then scrapes them to expose the substrata of colors. Foster makes ethereal images that attracts one to ponder the layers of texture or scraped areas in the painting. This technique creates surprising details within the image, working together to create an uplifting piece containing a sense of energy. Light refreshments served at Art Loop. Beer and wine available for $5 each.

Howard Pyle Studio

1305 N. Franklin St. Wilmington, DE 19806 (302) 656-7304
Bonnie Frawley

I have had an interest in creating artistic things all my life. It has only been in the last 15 years that I have concentrated on painting plein aire and still life subjects in acrylics and oils.

The Pyle Studio Group exhibition this February of my work is about my love of color, mostly blue exhibited here, and my delight in light and reflection in all subjects indoors and out. I make no attempt to make my work like a photograph but rather to give it a painterly quality using palette knife and wide brush strokes. In the paintings I have chosen I hope you see a happy brightness and a calming sentiment. Exhibit on display until February 29, 2020.

To schedule a private tour of the Studios, where Howard Pyle painted, wrote, and taught from 1881-1911, call 302-656-7397.

North Wilmington Library

3400 North Market St. Wilmington, DE 19802 (302) 555-1212
Building Blox of Hope by Velvet Poindexter

My artwork is fused and captured in sand, acrylic paint, on wood to create texture dimensions. The organic materials of my art installations paired with energetic brightly colored pieces serve as a symbol of emotional experience and observation.

Arden's Buzz Ware Village Center

2119 The Highway, Arden Wilmington, DE 19810 (302) 981-4811
"Trauma Confessions" - A.J. Stalloni

A.J. Stalloni's exhibit is called Trauma Confessions describes what he calls "rerouting of the pathways from a traumatized brain by way of the abstract." A.J. Stalloni was born and raised in Wilmington, DE, lived in Arden for three years, and currently resides in Philadelphia. He has been painting for about five years. A.J.'s preferred mode of expression is through abstract painting. He says, "By tapping into the subconscious, and finding new ways to heal -- in many ways, art has saved my life." Complimentary refreshments.

COCA Pop-Up Gallery

3829 Kennett Pike, Powder Mill Square Greenville, DE 19807 (302) 218-4411
Regional Group Show

Offerings from many local and regional artists including Kathy Ruck, Marty Barnes, Shirley Rigby, Catherine Bosk, Betsy Greer, Max Savaiko, Mario Lenin, Leslie Hubbard, Caroline Chen, Sarah Baptist & More. Art available in different mediums and sizes. We offer something for everyone! Light refreshments offered.

Station Gallery

3999 Kennett Pike Greenville, DE 19807 (302) 654-8638
Winter Group Show

A group show featuring a mix of Gallery artists' work, including works by Gay Freeborn, Maryanne Jacobsen and Kate Mundie.

Rodney Pratt Framing & Gallery

304 Delaware St. New Castle, DE 19720 web address (302) 438-6545
Steve Oliver

Steve Oliver's approach to creating wildlife and nature art is by trying to capture each animal's character and personality. Using acrylics, ink or colored pencils, each of his subjects are brought to life in vivid color and meticulous detail, while surrounding them with a captivating and interesting background. In this exhibit, you are invited to explore his recent original works on canvas, which is combined with some other pieces that offer a glimpse into some of the earlier works on illustration board. Throughout this collection, the artist hopes you can appreciate and enjoy the natural world as seen through his eyes and as he has depicted it in his art.

Steve has been doing art most of his life, but for the past thirty-five years has enjoyed a rewarding career as a wildlife and nature artist.

Known for strong compositions using details to accurately capture animals and the natural world. Close attention to light, color, atmosphere and mood are also consistent in Steve’s artwork. While very proficient with several mediums, he works primarily with acrylic paints, but frequently combines the paint with colored pencils and ink. For many years, Steve has been painting on Strathmore illustration board, but for the past 2 years, he has also been working on large canvases.

In addition to receiving numerous awards and much recognition for his animal art, Steve is a longtime signature member of the worldwide organization, The Society of Animal Artists and has taken part in many regional, national and international wildlife art shows.

For more info, you can visit his website: