Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Art Loop? Is it different from Art on the Town?
The Art Loop started began in 1988 as Art on the Town, a project of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs. It was designed as an arts-focused event held the first Friday of each month that people could attend at the close of the work day. The Art Loop became the nickname, and it is now the official name. Initially, no Art Loop was offered in July and August, but it is now year-round.
The Art Loop serves as the Opening Reception for each artist. Each venue is free and open to the public during the Loop. Attendees get the chance to meet and talk to the artist(s) and mingle with other guests.
The official start time for the Art Loop is 5pm and most venues welcome guests until 8pm. Some venues start later and closing hours are up to the individual venue.

Fun Fact: Wilmington’s Art Loop started in 1988 and predates Philadelphia’s First Friday!

Is there a dress code?
Most people are coming straight from work, so they may be a bit more dressed up. Since this is an artistic event, you may see all kinds of outfits and a very diverse crowd.

Is there an official starting point?
There is no official start or end point. Many people either choose to visit venues near where they have their car parked, or they can go to The Delaware Contemporary at the Riverfront and catch the Loop Bus, which will take you around town. There is free parking at their surface lot.

Is there food and drink available at these locations?
Each venue is encouraged to have food and drink available. Some may have wine or beer, some may have water. Some venues do sell food and drink and others offer them complimentary.

Can you buy a piece of art when on the Art Loop?
Nothing would make the artist happier. However, you may have to wait until the exhibition closes (usually the end of the month) to obtain your art.

Are there any venues outside Wilmington?
Since this is a project funded by the City of Wilmington, all venues must have a Wilmington zip code: 19801, 19802, 19803, 19805, 19806, 19807, 19808, 19809, 19810.

How do I become a venue on the Art Loop?
Contact us at 302-655-6483 or If you are located within a Wilmington zip code, you can go directly to the registration form, which is how each venue uploads their information each month. The link is: You must be able to have the artists’ work up for one month. The Art Loop is not for resellers; it should be work that is created by the artist.

How do I get the word out that my venue is on the Loop so people visit my venue?
Keep in mind that the Art Loop is the Opening Reception for the artist. The artist is responsible for inviting family, friends, patrons, etc. You can do the same. Out & About Magazine sends a link to each venue with that month’s website listing, which the venue can then send to their artist and their own contacts. The venues and artist name(s) are listed each month in Out & About Magazine. We can arrange for delivery to your venue if you don’t already receive the magazines. Each venue receives a sign that can be put in their window or in front of their venue the day of the Loop indicating they’ll be open.

I’m an artist. How do I get exhibited on the Art Loop?
Log onto the Art Loop website and look at the list of venues or pick up an Out & About Magazine for a printed list. You can contact the venues directly or go visit to see if the work you do will display well there.