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1313 Market Street/The Chancery Market Food Hall

1313 N. Market Street Wilmington, DE 19801 421-2005
Exquisite Delineations, Monique Rollins
Can't Wait by Monique Rollins

“Each painting is an uncompromising visual document of my journeys and experiences.” The tumult of the past several years is palpable in the thin lines of conte crayon, broad fields of rich charcoal, and brushstrokes of oil paint laid down on stretched canvas. Each one of Monique Rollins’ gestures is saturated with energy, and each composition teeming with emotion—a devastating pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the joy of new life. Throughout her career, Rollins has united the complex and dual nature of existence and consciousness into a singular composition. The works are unified by a twisting line that follows the peaks and valleys of life like a thread spun by the Fates.

Rollins continues to push her dual commitment to line and color, and her recent drawings and paintings from 2022 show no exception. Over the years, Rollins has created a unique visual vocabulary I refer to as biogeometric abstraction. The pairing of biomorphic and abstracted geometric forms creates allusions to remembered landscapes or endless spaces. Like abstract expressionist painters of the 1940s and 1950s, Rollins simultaneously aligns and divorces drawing and color, and the results are dynamic. The urgency and forcefulness with which one form intersects another is balanced by a calm field of color, a space into which one can disappear. These are works of exuberance but not frivolity. Exquisite Delineations is a bold grouping of Rollins’ drawings and paintings that showcase the graphic and affecting impact one can achieve when these two essential elements of art are expertly combined.

Exquisite Delineations is presented by John William Gallery and 1313 N Market, LLC. The show runs through Wednesday, January 5, 2022. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-8pm. Art goers are encouraged to check out newly opened The Chancery Market Food Hall before or after their visit! Enjoy delicious, curated food vendors, drinks, and plenty of comfortable seating.

Monique Rollins is a contemporary painter inspired by the colors of the Venetian renaissance and the contemporary Italian land and cityscape. Rollins’ portfolio consists of oil paintings, acrylic paintings, charcoal drawings, and paper collage paintings on canvas incorporating a number of mediums including pencil, acrylic, watercolor, and pen and ink. Each painting is an uncompromising visual document of her journeys and experiences, her interest in human emotion, allusions to place, memory, and fleeting moments of the conscious and unconscious. She is a master colorist and gesturalist. Her drawings and paintings continually cross-pollinate aesthetically to produce painterly drawings that uplift the viewer. Rollins’ work has been exhibited internationally for over a decade, including at Kyro Art Gallery in Pietra Santa, Italy; Metroquadro Miami Gallery; Gallery Onue in Seoul Korea; Gallery 83 in Kyiv, Ukraine; Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston, TX; the Dante Alighieri Society in Venice, Italy; the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Paris, France; Metroquadro Gallery in Turin, Italy; the Zhu Naizheng Research Center for Art in Beijing; Andre Zarre Gallery in New York City; Tayloe Piggott Gallery, Wyoming; Art Central Hong Kong and many public sites throughout the city of Wilmington, Delaware, her home town, as well as many prominent private collections in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.

City of Wilmington's Redding Gallery

800 N. French Street Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 576-2100
World Traveler Collection by Bryant Small
London by Bryant Small

The World Traveler Collection is inspired by the colors and energies of cities throughout the world. The cities highlighted in this vibrant series feature destinations that Artist Bryant Small has visited or aspired to explore. This large scaled body of work was created during Bryant's recent Artist Residency with ESKFF- Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation at the Mana Contemporary. From Istanbul to Nairobi, New Orleans to Bali, this collection is a love letter to Bryant's unwavering wanderlust.

Curated by Cheryl & Christopher Mack of Bridge Arts. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-7pm.

Bryant Small is an Award-Winning artist. Bryant has a love of culture, color and all things sparkling. In his art, he loves to toe the line of free abstraction with vibrant color blending and pushing beyond pretty. His Alcohol Ink pieces are free flowing, unpredictable and levitate from the page.

Christina Cultural Arts Center

705-707 North Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 429-0101
Milton Downing
Super Steve by Milton Downing

Assemblage artist Milton Downing gathers pieces of discarded clothing and other found objects into painted compositions that reveal a wide range of human experiences. His subjects, regardless of their backgrounds, are elevated through an expressive use of color and enlivened through the artist’s gestural use of paint. This exhibit features autographed images of athletes transposed by depicting the athlete using color to accentuate the kinetic energy the figure has because of its motion. Refreshments will be served at the Art Loop reception from 5-7pm.

Chris White Gallery

701 Shipley St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 601-1160
"The Anthology: Trust the Process" by JaQuanne LeRoy
Black Nappy Love by JaQuanne LeRoy

“Anthology: Trust the Process” explores the artistic development of JaQuanne LeRoy through the years, 2014-present. For two years, JaQuanne LeRoy was Curator-in-Residence at the Chris White Gallery and he continues to collaborate with the gallery. The abstract expressionism of his visual art reveals the personal, spiritual, and emotional growth that came along with JaQuanne’s artistic growth. Art — just like growth — isn’t always pretty. Through this immersive show, JaQuanne invites you into his messy process as a designer, showing early sketches and mockups for murals, paintings, and flyers he’s done over time. The final pieces, which will also be shown, have landed JaQuanne a residency with the Delaware Art Museum, and his work has been featured in the Grand Opera House Gallery, the Delaware Contemporary, and the Delaware Children’s Museum. Anthology: Trust the Process will leave you pondering your own life experiences and perspectives you’ve gained, inviting you to continue to trust God and trust the process. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-9pm.

Delaware College of Art and Design (DCAD)

600 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 622-8000
Wit, Humor, Despair: Amos Lemon Burkhart
Honey I'm Home by Amos Lemon-Burkhart

Discover the diverse and complex work of young emerging artist, Amos Lemon Burkhart (1998-2018). Through Lemon’s work, visual media, and participatory interactives, visitors will explore the complexities of emotional turbulence, anxiety, and trauma, questions about love, sex and gender identity, and issues around substance use and abuse. An observer of the quirks and oddities of the human race, Lemon’s wit, humor, and despair is revealed through his work.

Through this exhibition curated and toured by the Amos Lemon Burkhart Foundation, his work is used to spark often difficult, yet necessary conversations around mental illness, substance abuse, gender identity and other issues that affect teens and young adults. By touring this exhibition to schools throughout the country, the Foundation seeks to shine a light on how the making of art can serve as a critical mode of art for anyone wrestling mental health and other acute issues.

Amos Lemon Burkhart was a driven young artist who created hundreds of paintings, works on paper, digital art and animations between the ages of 15 and 19. He died tragically at 19, drowning in an accident fueled by a combination of Xanax and alcohol. He briefly studied life drawing at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and experimental animation at CalArts, as well as in high school art classes. In his own studio in a barn, Lemon restlessly worked to understand and express his own turbulent interior life in images, text, sound and motion. The complexities of emotional lability, anxiety, and trauma, questions about love, sex and gender identity, and issues around substance use and abuse are revealed in complex, layered images. A ceaseless observer of the quirks and oddities of the human race, Lemon’s wit, humor, and despair are all right there in his work - if you look closely enough.

This exhibit runs December 2, 2022 – February 12, 2023. Join us for the Art Loop reception on December 2nd from 5-7pm.

Gallery at 919

919 N. Market Street Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 298-1542
Landscapes, Light and Other Things. Large and Small Paintings of John R. C. Dorchester
Buttercup by John Dorcester

This impressive, handsome, gallery space hosts 28 landscapes, interiors, rural and urban paintings featuring scenes from Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and Canada. Join us for the Art Loop reception with live music and snacks to meet the artist from 5-7pm. Wine and cheese - mingle and talk with the artist.

A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Mr. Dorchester is a nationally recognized American Artist. His work is infused with an uncanny sense of light and space that has attracted collectors across the United States, Europe and Canada. John's paintings have been exhibited in Museums, galleries and exhibitions across the United States and have garnered numerous awards. He recently won Second Prize at the Studio Landscape Exhibition at the prestigious Salmagundi Club, NY, NY. and his painting, The Red Door, was used in Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine to promote the Salmagundi Club's exhibit.

For sales, please contact the artist directly at 610-565-3836 or or visit his website:

Mezzanine Gallery at the Carvel State Building

820 N. French Street Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 577-8278
t. a. hahn solo show
Bluebird of Happinesss by t.a. hahn

The Delaware Division of the Arts is pleased to present a selection of work by t.a. Hahn, Individual Artist Fellow in Sculpture. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-7pm.

The Grand Opera House / baby grand

818 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 658-7897
Grand Gallery: The Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography
baby grand Gallery: The Madwoman of the Bog by Beth Trepper
No reception for December; galleries open during business hours or the night of a show
Mallard Drake by Mitch Adolph
The Madwoman of the Bog by Beth Trepper

Grand Gallery:

Since 1934 the Delaware Photographic Society has sponsored the Wilmington Exhibition of International Photography. Photographers from all over the world enter this prestigious exhibit showing their remarkable interpretations of people and places worldwide.

You are invited to view a selection of award-winning prints from the 2020 Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography.

Baby grand Gallery:

Beth Trepper: Ireland, my ancestral homeland, has beckoned me to her shores more than twenty times, many accompanied by my beloved partner, Bill. Hiking daily from the door of our rural seaside cottage in the rugged west of Ireland, we grew intimately familiar with the mountains, rivers and bog land of this gorgeous country.

Bill passed in 2014. My world was rocked; I was forever changed. I had no idea how I would forge a life without him, and I certainly never expected to return to Ireland. But I did. Something drew me back, again and again. Ireland stirs my soul, nourishes me, bathes me in her warmth, her stirring music and breathtaking beauty. Like an intimate friend, she has helped me through my grief and brought joy back into my life.

“The Madwoman of the Bog” was inspired by my loss. To this day, when I walk the green fields and barren plains of Ireland, I look for Bill. I feel his presence, I hear his laughter. I long for him. I always will. I began to imagine a woman, so overcome with grief when her lover vanishes, that she spends eternity searching for him. Her story is more tragic than mine, yet I feel her pain and despair. I have spent the last several years shooting self-portraits to illustrate my poem. Nowhere in Ireland is there a more mysterious and mythical region than the bog - the ancient natural wetlands from where peat is harvested for fuel, where an entire ecosystem of plants and wildlife are sustained, and from where some of Ireland’s greatest legends originate.

What better place than the bog for the Madwoman to appear, to haunt the landscape, to launch her epic, futile journey?

NextFab Wilmington

503 N. Tatnall Street Wilmington, DE 19801
Holiday Gift & Art Market
Pearl Bauble Hoops by herne Altovise

Join us for a special Holiday Gift & Art Market as part of the Art Loop, happening December 2rd from 4-7:30pm at NextFab Wilmington. Showcasing NextFab member handmade crafts, furniture, products, and more for sale, guests will have the opportunity to shop a wide selection of unique, handmade holiday gifts while viewing the NextFab spaces. Light refreshments will be available in the 2nd-floor lounge area.

UAE Open Studios

1500 N. Walnut Street Wilmington, DE 19801
Studio Artists: Stef Hamil, Cony Madariaga, Freddy Ruiz, Tish Williams
An Object to be Considered by Tish Williams

Come tour and talk with our current Studio Community Artists at the brand-new UAE Open Studios from 5-8pm. Cider and other Fall refreshments will be available in our Community Room with live music. Learn about upcoming events by following @Cityfestwilm on Instagram.

Bridge Art Gallery @ New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Office

920 Justison Street Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 249-2184
Creative Mithila Art Exhibition
Mantramugdha Mesmerized by Nupur Nishith

Nupur Nishith is New Jersey based artist inspired by the art from her birthplace, Mithila or Madhubani paintings, an ancient folk art from India. Over the years, Nupur has evolved this ancient art form into her own distinct style by fusing the contemporary ideas with the traditional art using modern tools.

The Mithila Art form is famous for the details in the paintings in a flat two-dimensional perspective with no shading or overlapping. Taking it to the next level, Nupur draws inspiration for her art from day-to-day experiences and surroundings. She visualizes objects and situations in perspective to create the symbolic motifs and designs which makes her art unique and distinct. Mithila paintings use natural and bright colors with symbolic distinct features.

Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-8pm with live music and refreshments.

The Delaware Contemporary

200 South Madison St. Wilmington, DE 19801 (302) 656-6466
MOMENTS IN TIME, Carson Zullinger
Image by Carson Zullinger

Moments in Time: There are moments that are between dreams and reality. This is where I like to be. Exhibit runs December 1 - 31, 2022.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS: Annual Holiday Craft Show - This popular festive event features over 25 regional craft vendors working in a variety of mediums. Shop unique, handmade gifts for this holiday season!

Exhibiting artist Madeline Rile Smith will be demonstrating some of her handmade glass musical instruments, including horns, trumpets, flutes, and percussion.

Blue Streak Gallery

1721 Delaware Ave. Wilmington, DE 19806 (302) 429-0506
Annual Holiday Jewelry Show
After Five wardrobe by Mehdi Jidali

Diane Hulse, Nancy Josephson, Helen Mason, Susan Schulz, and Karen Venezky. Mehdi Jadali Paintings colored pencils on paper. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-8pm..

Delaware Center for Horticulture

1810 North Dupont St. Wilmington, DE 19806 (302) 658-6262
Artist: "Garden Musings" by Barbara Rosen
Garden Musings by Barb Rosen

Come see original watercolor artwork featuring woodland creatures, garden vignettes, birds and flowers painted on vintage music sheets and garden text. Local Wilmington, Delaware artist, nature-lover and gardener, Barb Rosen, has used her garden, its native visitors, and the Brandywine Valley area as inspiration for these unique watercolor pieces.

Get in the Holiday spirit and enjoy three events in one night! In addition to our Art Loop, DCH will be hosting our Annual Greens Sale as well as a Holiday Bazaar, featuring local artists selling their homemade goods, and we'll be open the night of the Art Loop from 5-9pm.

Howard Pyle Studio

1305 N. Franklin St. Wilmington, DE 19806 (302) 656-7304
Group show by the Studio Group Artists
Sunset by Betsy Greer

Many small works and other items available for the Holidays. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-7:30pm.

Arden's Buzz Ware Village Center

2119 The Highway, Arden Wilmington, DE 19810 (302) 981-4811
Arden Artisans Collective Holiday Market.
Begonia by Russ McKcopper

All Arden Artisans with "giftable," smaller-sized art for the holidays! Presented by AAC, the Arden Artisans Collective. Refreshments & pop-up live musical entertainment from 5-9pm.

Bellefonte Arts

803C Brandywine Blvd. Wilmington, DE 19809 (302) 762-4278
CrossedCulture Patterns
Photography by Mt Pleasant Student

Alice Reid, of Etomi's Treasures, utilizes imaginative items in her designs and crafts. These include her jewelry lines and textile arts. Her work tends to reflect her African and indigenous heritage is, using natural materials.

Maureen Collins, of dovetail designs, utilizes photography in her collage work and in designing her fabrics and wallpaper lines. Layered collages and paintings inform her mosaic works.

Step inside the mind of two designers and let color, forms, textures and patterns take you for a spin! Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-8pm with refreshments and music.

COCA Pop-Up Gallery

3829 Kennett Pike, Powder Mill Square Greenville, DE 19807 (302) 218-4411
Holiday Group Show
Christmas Ornament by Max Savaiko

COCA Pop Up Gallery features many local artists including Shirley Rigby, Catherine Bosk, Max Savaiko, Marty Barnes, Sarah Baptist, Caroline Chen, Diane Hulse and more! From small to large pieces, we have something for every budget. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-8pm.

David's Studio and Gallery

2324 Cherry Ln. Arden, DE 19810 (302) 545-7489
: 2022 Christmas Print Show and Sale
Distant Void by David Burslem

David Burslem will be exhibiting his latest collection of Fracture glass prints in his outdoor Bamboo Gallery. Along with many canvas and paper prints in his Studio Gallery will be many paintings and sculptures as well as sculptures in his Sculpture Garden. This show is partially funded with a grant from the Delaware Division of the Arts. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 4-8pm.

Over the years David has painted abstract landscapes using richly vibrant colors over layers of various textures. Always searching for innovative ways to produce art, he has combined his designs, painting and photography to produce sculptures out of shaped aluminum which he calls Sculptural Abstract Landscapes His recent series of Fracture glass prints in this exhibit adds to his extensive collection of canvas and paper prints.

David earned a BA in graphic design from the University of Delaware and has shown his works in the Delaware Art Museum, the Biggs Museum and in various regional shows while continuing to have yearly exhibits in his home-based Studio and Gallery.

Station Gallery

3999 Kennett Pike Greenville, DE 19807 (302) 654-8638
Art Works for the Holidays
Over the Moon by Sue Ciccone

"Art Work for the Holidays" features a large variety of art appropriate for gift giving. Artists: Jacalyn Beam ~ landscapes in oil; Molly Carpenter ~ paintings in sculpted frames; Sue Ciccone ~ whimsical critters in acrylic; Hope Hanes ~ pastel landscapes; Richard Chandler Hoff ~ graphite drawings; Lynne Lockhart ~ animal paintings in oil; Kirk McBride ~ landscape oil paintings; Laura McMillan ~ paintings & mirrors; Fran Miller ~ art glass; Anne Oldach ~ carved curios. Also available for gifting - jewelry, hand-crafted ornaments, ceramics, framing and gift certificates. Join us for the Art Loop reception from 5-8pm.